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KPPF Diversity and Inclusion

Power Media Group is a socially conscious company owned, managed and staffed in part by men and women of color, most of whom have served in the United States military.  We’re working every day to have a social impact and to support those who solve problems in the community by telling their stories.

Our daily Community Power Break feature is among many ways we’re working to give voice to newsmakers, community leaders, non-profits, elected and government officials, policy and decision makers, individuals and groups of all ethnicities.

The centerpiece of our on-air D&I initiative is the Tactical Advantage show hosted by John Register.  Tactical Advantage is aimed at presenting resources and assistance to military connected people of color in our region.  Following closely is a mental health themed program, Mind Salad.  Hosting is shared among a diverse group of men and women and offers listeners a path to mental health and wellness.

Our Mission

To deliver news, information and present life-enhancing programming with integrity and excellence while making a significant social impact.

Our Vision 

To serve and support military, veterans and their families; first responders; all people of color in the community; women, seniors, business; non-profits; social enterprise and more who solve community problems thereby making Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak region a better, stronger place.

Our Gratitude

With our appreciation for your support and encouragement,

The Power Media Team